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Category: Dewees Island

The Distinct and Captivating Beaches of Charleston

The Distinct and Captivating Beaches of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the hottest vacation destinations in the country right now. It offers a rich background of American history, world-class dining, and unmatched beauty. While it is tempting to plan a vacation just in the historic downtown, you’re really missing out on a big part of Charleston’s culture if you skip the beach.

You can’t beat restorative time on the beach. Bring a kite or a Frisbee to toss around while you soak up the South Carolina sun. Enjoy the sweet briny waters and the distinct charms of all of the local beaches to really take in the coastal cultures surrounding Charleston and connect to the unique personality of every beach retreat. (more…)

Visiting Dewees Island

Dewees Island - the beach @dunesproperties

Photo credit: Instagram user @dunesproperties (that’s us!)

Dewees Island is a hidden gem located about 11 miles north of Charleston, where some people live and where others, including our fellow Charlestonians, love to visit. And simply put, it is where peace and solitude reign supreme.

On this small, secluded barrier island, there are no paved roads, no cars, no restaurants, and most importantly, no stress. Technology, computer screens, and phones can be ignored for the duration of your stay in favor of outdoor fun and relaxation. It is two-and-a-half miles of pure nature: beaches, dunes, an undisturbed maritime forest — a private paradise.

The homeowners of Dewees, ever aware of the conservation needs and uniqueness of the island, strive to leave the tiniest of footprints. The island is truly among the last of untouched places around, where all is unspoiled by the developed world. Since the island is full of Lowcountry wildlife, and it is not uncommon to share your visit with dolphins, turtles, eagles, and an enormous variety of sea and marsh birds.

Dewees Island morning on the ferry @reggiefairchild

Early morning on the Dewees Island ferry Photo credit: Instagram user @reggiefairchild

The ferry
The island is accessible via a ferry that leaves from 43 41st Street on the Isle of Palms. The ride lasts around 20 minutes, and you must be preregistered with Dewees Island Rentals or personally know a current Dewees owner in order to board.  There are two boats- one smaller and faster, and one a bit larger for holding more people, luggage, groceries, and other deliveries. They decide which one to take based on the number of folks signed up to ride and the amount of stuff that’s going over. The ferry is often escorted by dolphins or a variety of seafaring birds and offers curious views all around. Even if you didn’t have the beauty and adventure of the island waiting for you, the ferry ride alone would be worth it. Be sure to call 30 minutes before leaving the island to make sure you get a spot on a returning boat.

Where to stay
Huyler House includes suites that are available for lot owners to stay on the island and homeowners to use for overflow house guests however, you do not have to know a Dewees owner to enjoy all Huyler has to offer. You can rent one of the suites, or choose from a variety of other homes from Dewees Rentals. The amenities are amazing: swimming pool, two tennis courts, billiards table, foosball table, shuffleboard table, screened picnic area with a grill, and wifi in the Great Room and suites.

Dewees Island Turtle and Shell @judyondewees

Photo credit: Instagram user @judyondewees

Dewees is a wildlife preserve, so as we said before, you’ll encounter a variety of living creatures. Our resident Dewees Island expert, Judy Fairchild, is a naturalist who loves to show and tell all about Dewees Island, and especially the  wildlife. A short cart ride around the island with Judy feels like a master class. It’s not uncommon to see a few baby raccoons, a basking alligator, or perhaps even an otter or bald eagle on a quick jaunt.  While it is truly a thrill to be close to so much undisturbed nature, but there are some critters – like mosquitoes – you’ll want to prepare for in advance. Make sure you pack your bug spray. And, although this should go without saying, don’t feed the wildlife – including those pesky mosquitoes!

Getting around
Once you step off the ferry and onto the tranquil island, don’t be surprised if you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders as your troubles subside. The roads are made of dirt and your only vehicles are your feet, a bike, or a golf cart. If you’re renting through Dewees Rentals, you’ll find a cart clearly marked for you when you exit the ferry.  If you’re visiting friends, do what I do, and hitch a ride on one of their carts and then rely on your own two feet to get you around while exploring  We think the best way to travel the length of the island is by foot on the sandy beach! The paths are clearly marked and the beachwalks extend through the maritime forest all the way to the sand.

Dewees Island Map

homes are beige, lots are blue.

There are no restaurants or grocery stores on the island, so if you’re going for longer than an afternoon, you’ll want to prepare and package your food in advance. Or, you can catch your dinner!

What to do
Fishing spots abound at Dewees, and there’s even a crabbing dock — but only take what you can eat in a single meal. Remember, conservation is key on Dewees. Other fun outdoor activities include kayaking, golfing, birding, beach walking, swimming, biking and golf carting. Lounging around with a good book is always a good idea, and you’ll find more one perfect spot on Dewees Island.

Dewees Island - the impoundment @deweesrealestate

View over the impoundment Photo credit: Instagram user @deweesrealestate

At every turn, there’s a breathtaking marsh or beach view and there are unparalleled sunrises on the beach and sunsets on the marsh. Views over the Impoundment, the old diked wetlands that can be flooded or drained as necessary, are amazingly serene. The shores are pristine, expansive, and gloriously empty, allowing Dewees to offer an almost private experience unlike any other on the Charleston Coast.

Check out what is currently on the market on Dewees Island or contact Judy Fairchild to talk about making the Dewees dream a reality for you and your family.

Charleston Market Statistics through January 2017

Charleston Market Statisticss thru  Jan 2017
Charleston Market Statistics Show January Home Sales Exceed 1k For The First Time in A Decade!  
January brings out a rejuvenated crop of buyers with a renewed enthusiasm in a new calendar year. Sales totals may still inevitably start slow in the first half of the year due to ongoing inventory concerns. Continued declines in the number of homes available for sale may push out potential buyers who simply cannot compete for homes selling at higher price points in a low number of days, especially if mortgage rates continue to increase.
Wages are on the uptick for many Americans, while unemployment rates have remained stable and relatively unchanged for several months. The system is ripe for more home purchasing if there are more homes available to sell.
Closed Sales + 5.9% |  Median Sales Price + 9.9% | Months Supply – 27.9%

Charleston Market Statistics Through October 2016

Charleston real estate market stats thru October 2016As we evaluate the final quarter of 2016 (so far), not much has changed since the year began. Market predictions have been, in a word, predictable. A relatively comfortable pace of activity has been maintained thanks to continuing low unemployment and mortgage rates. The one basic drag on market acceleration has been inventory decline, and there is little to indicate that the low inventory situation will resolve anytime soon.

Market Stats through October 2016

The Charleston Coast’s Best Spots for Sunset Views

No matter the time of year or where you are, you can’t go wrong with a Lowcountry sunset. And there are plenty of key spots, from the resort town of Kiawah all the way up the coast to secluded Dewees Island, to maximize your evening enjoyment. We’re just going to mention a few here, but you can count on us to post some additional spots throughout the year. Here are some of our favorite places for sunset views on the Charleston Coast.

Kiawah Island

Sunset from the Ryder Cup Bar by Instagram user @kiawahislandgolfresort

One of the best and (most delicious) places to enjoy a Kiawah Island sunset is at the Ryder Cup Bar at the Ocean Course. You can grab a drink, sit on the porch, and watch the majesty unfold. In the summers, they host the appropriately named Sunset Raw Bar on the veranda, where you can enjoy fresh seafood with an ocean view.  As the sun sets, you’ll hear live jazz blend with the sounds of the sea.

Seabrook Island

Seabrook Sunset by Instagram user @mingo_sc

Seabrook Sunset via Instagram user @mingo_sc

With three miles of pristine beaches on Seabrook Island, you have plenty of perfect places to catch a beautiful sunset. One of our favorite spots is Pelican Beach, which, fittingly enough, is also nicknamed Sunset Beach. Pelican Beach is where the Edisto River meets the Atlantic Ocean, and its gentle current offers little to no waves and still waters. If you’re partial to a sunrise, head to Seabrook’s North Beach, the widest beach in South Carolina, where the early morning views are spectacular.

Folly Beach

Dusk at Crosby's Seafood by Instagram user (and dunes agent) @donniewhitaker

Dusk at Crosby’s Seafood via Instagram user @donniewhitaker

If you’ve ever been to Folly Beach around sunset, you know there are more than a few places with views that can only be described as life-changing. The vistas from Bowen’s Island Restaurant, which is 2.6 miles from Folly Beach, will make you want to settle down forever in this pocket of the Lowcountry. Similarly, the views from Crosby’s Fish and Shrimp, which you’ll see on the right just before crossing over the bridge to Folly, redefine ‘the good life.’ With the surrounding marsh, shrimp boats, and dolphins, your worries are bound to melt away during a summertime sunset.

Historic Charleston

End of the day at Brittlebank Park by Instagram user @lovelylily8

End of the day at Brittlebank Park via Instagram user @lovelylily8

The sun sets on the Ashley River side of the peninsula, so for fantastic views, take a picnic to Brittlebank Park, which is located on Lockwood Drive near the Riverdogs stadium and is right on the river. Or you could head across the Ashley River bridge to the round Holiday Inn on Savannah Highway and take the elevator to the top. There you’ll find a cocktail bar with glass walls that allow for breathtaking views of Charleston sunsets. Another tip: Should you be close-by during a thunderstorm, there is no better place to watch a lightning show than from this viewpoint.

Mount Pleasant

Ravenel Bridge Sunset by Instagram user @adamaref

Ravenel Bridge Sunset via Instagram user @adamaref

There are so many wonderful spots to watch the sun go down in Mount Pleasant. Shem Creek, Patriot’s Point, Alhambra Hall, the Pitt Street Bridge, and the list goes on.  But we couldn’t feature the sun’s descent over Charleston without the obligatory Ravenel Bridge shot.  Seeing the sun set from any vantage point East of the Cooper is special, but when you can see it go down from atop our beautiful Cooper River bridge, it’s going to be a good night.

Sullivans Island

Sunset with Ravenel Bridge by Instagram user @hankimusmaximus

For a memorable Sullivans Island sunset, make your way toward the lighthouse (park at Station 19). At low tide, you’ll find one of the widest, smoothest, most relaxing beaches in South Carolina. As the sun sets, you can spot the Ravenel Bridge in the distance. Between the expansive shore and the sea, you’ll often find calming, shallow pools perfect for an evening walk and wade.

Isle of Palms

The Boathouse at Breach Inlet by Instagram user @lisa_stegman2

The Boathouse at Breach Inlet via Instagram user @lisa_stegman2

Not only is Isle of Palms’ Boathouse at Breach Inlet Restaurant well-known for great food and delicious drinks, but it’s also the place to be for a sunset on the island. Directly across from the launch site of America’s first submarine, the HL Hunley, the Boathouse at Breach Inlet provides a perfect spot for sipping a cocktail and enjoying a fabulous evening view with friends.

Dewees Island

Dewees Sunset by Instagram user (and dunes agent) @judyondewees

Dewees Sunset by Instagram user (and dunes agent) @judyondewees

If you ever make the trek to Dewees Island, and we suggest you do, you’ll want to make sure you stay late enough to catch the sunset.  Or better yet, check out Dewees Rentals for an extended visit to this wild, rugged wonderland.  Dewees is a nature-lover’s paradise with no restaurants or stores, no cars or stoplights.  The sunset from the Ferry dock is amazing, but The Lone Cedar Dock also offers a perfect vantage point to enjoy the last rays of daylight.

We’ll keep adding to this list, but in the meantime… where will you catch your next Lowcountry sunset?

Our 3rd Quarter Buyers Guide is Here!

3rd Quarter 2016 Charleston Coast Buyers GuideEvery quarter of 2016, we will print a new version of the Charleston Coast Buyers Guide with updated dunes properties listings and information about the different communities along the Charleston Coast.  The 3rd Quarter issue has been delivered to our offices and is also available in digital flipbook form HERE on our website!

Our 1st Quarter Buyers Guide is Here!

Charleston Coast Buyers Guide  Q

Every quarter of 2016, we will print a new version of the Charleston Coast Buyers Guide with updated dunes properties listings and information about the different communities along the Charleston Coast.  The 1st Quarter issue has been delivered to our offices and is also available in digital flipbook form HERE on our website!


dunes properties tours Dewees Island!

Some of our real estate agents had the pleasure of taking a tour around Dewees Island last week, courtesy of Judy Fairchild, our Dewees Island expert. Judy, having lived there for many years, has extensive knowledge about the island and has numerous properties for sale. She recently put her knowledge to work by giving a tour to some of our other agents.

The day began with a ferry ride over from the Isle of Palms Marina to Dewees, where Judy had arranged for a golf cart tour of the island. Most of the agents expected to see some of Judy’s current listings along with an amenity tour, but they got much more than that. We’ve included some of the pictures taken during the tour, where everyone got to learn details about the island’s history and nature. Everyone was particularly impressed with the wide and rugged beach, one of the most beautiful in the Lowcountry.

“I was expecting an island home and amenity tour, but not all the history and nature that abounds. Dewees is truly an unexplored treasure. For those seeking a true authentic Lowcountry environment to escape and explore, Dewees is it.” –Brian Caldwell

“Fantastic day… Learned such cool things I never knew about birds, crabs, shells, turtles! The “Roseate Spoonbill” is my new favorite bird.  Totally cool. “–Beth Huntley

If you are curious about Dewees, or would like to see it for yourself, contact Judy Fairchild for a one-of-a-kind real estate tour of this amazing, and somewhat “secret” island paradise! Also, check out Judy’s Dewees Island Blog for more great info and spectacular images of the island and its natural inhabitants.

New listings galore, and at desirable prices

As Spring begins and Winter is behind us, the real estate market is heating up! Compared to this time last year, there are more homes on the market nationwide, and in Charleston median home prices rose 15%. According to the National Association of Realtors®, inventories are still low by historical standards, but have increased by 10% year-over-year. This increase is great news considering the severe weather that this past winter brought to practically every part of the country. Despite the bad weather, more sellers are putting their homes on the market than at this time last year.

In South Carolina the median home price rose 5.1% among residential homes, condos, and villas. Charleston had a promising winter with an average median price of $209,000 last month, 15% higher than February 2013 . Additionally, the average number of days properties were on the market dropped by 14.5% to less than 90 days, according to the Columbia Regional Business Report.

While the median price of homes may be rising in Charleston, dunes properties has quite a few new listings ranging from condos to vacant land that are quite affordable. dunes properties has experienced agents that serve all over the Charleston coast, particularly in the luxury real estate market in places such as Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah Island, and Isle of Palms. While we have a variety of homes for sale starting at the $1 million price point, this list of newly added properties are all under $600,000.

18 Linkside Wild Dunes

The exceptional view from 18 Linkside, Isle of Palms

Not only do our agents have new listings at desirable prices, but they are also located in practically every area of Charleston. This includes Mount Pleasant and Historic Charleston along with Folly Beach, Wild Dunes, Seabrook Island, and our newest area of expertise, Dewees Island. Whether you’re looking for a condo in Wild Dunes, a 4 bedroom house in Mount Pleasant, or vacant land near the beach, we’ve got plenty of options, and all for under $600,000. Take a look!

Details: 18 LINKSIDE CT, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $585,000
Details: 845 DETYENS RD, MOUNT PLEASANT, SC – $419,000
Details: 5 SEAGROVE LN, #C, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $535,250
Details: 21 MAPLE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $429,000
Details: 213 LITTLE OAK DR, FOLLY BEACH, SC – $239,000
Details: 105 OLD HOUSE LANE, DEWEES ISLAND, SC – $50,000
Details: 2845 CAPN SAMS RD, SEABROOK ISLAND, SC – $249,000

dunes properties has added Dewees Island to our areas of expertise

If you have never heard of, or been to, Dewees Island, it is a rare find. Dewees is a private island that is only accessible by private ferry or boat, and cars are not allowed on the island. When you arrive on Dewees, you can hop on your electric golf cart and cruise around the island, as the use of gas-powered vehicles is prohibited. This is a fabulous vacation spot if you’re looking for a serene and quiet beach experience. The beautiful ferry ride through the Intracoastal Waterway is a quick 15 minutes from the Isle of Palms Marina.

Gorgeous sunrise from Judy's listing at 371 Pelican Flight Drive

dunes properties’ newest agent, Judy Fairchild, is a year-round resident of Dewees Island and began her real estate career there in 2011. dunes properties is excited to announce that with Judy joining our experienced team of real estate agents, we will be adding Dewees to our areas of expertise. We currently serve practically every area in Charleston, from the islands and beaches to historic Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

Judy Fairchild, Real Estate Agent, dunes properties of Charleston

Judy Fairchild, Dewees Island Specialist

Having lived with her family on Dewees Island for many years, Judy and her husband Reggie are a very active part of the island community. They are involved with a number of programs on the island including the Dewees Island Conservancy, Archives Committee, and the Dewees Island Turtle Team. As a real estate agent, writer, and photographer, she is an avid birder and citizen-scientist and is certified by DNR to assist with sea turtle conservation. You can read all about news and life on the island on Judy’s Dewees Island Blog that she started in 2008.

Beautiful views from 251 Old House Lane

Dewees is a unique place to see whether you’re vacationing, are a local seeing the island for the first time, or are seeing the island with Judy. She has a variety of homes for sale on the island ranging from a $200,000 oceanfront lot to a 5 bedroom, $1,800,000 house with beach views. You can see all of Judy’s listings on Dewees Island on our website here.

Judy will be working from our Isle of Palms Office at 1400 Palm Blvd. and can be reached at jfairchild@dunesproperties.com or 843.259.1713.

A day on Dewees – Highlights from Yonder Blue Films from Yonder Blue Films on Vimeo.