I am one of Dunes Properties’ Downtown Charleston Experts since I live, work and play here.  Occasionally I like to imagine life outside of my current Peninsular box and see how it sits with my bones, but I always come back to this.  The only thing that could get me to move out of Downtown Charleston is an offer of a house on the Intracoastal Waterway where I could kayak and jump off the dock into the sunset-colored water.   (Anyone?  Anyone?)
Look, there is nothing WRONG with anywhere else.  I just happen to like what I like, and considering I haven’t lived too far from an urban core since I was 18, I am just used to all the bells and whistles this lifestyle has to offer.
So here are 10 reasons why me timbers start to shiver when I think about moving from Downtown Charleston (in no particular order).
  1. Myriad of transportation options.
  2. Diversity of my neighbors.
  3. Rooftop views that make you feel like Mary Poppins.
  4. Something new around every corner.
  5. Something old around every corner.
  6. Murray Blvd at sunset.
  7. Church bells.
  8. City noises with a little bit of country thrown in.
  9. Can get to the water in any direction in 5 minutes.
  10. Foooooood, oh glorious food.  Food.
  11. Art walks, architecture, bonfires in my courtyard, Colonial Lake, dolphins, Farmer’s Market, 15 minutes to beaches, foghorns, G&M, King St, piazzas, Pineapple Fountain, people-watching, sailing in the Harbor, shipping cranes, tourists, whinnies.

If you live downtown, what are your Top 10 Reasons you wouldn’t want to leave?  If you live elsewhere, share your Top 10 with us too.  Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, James Island, Sullivan’s Island, Mt. Pleasant….  They are all unique and beautiful in their own ways, so share the wealth!  –Kristin B. Walker

And if you are thinking about moving to Charleston, ask us what it’s like.  We’ll give you the lowdown on our Lowcountry.