It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what I’m talking about, and oh boy, is it bright. Funny how things change so fast, especially when you least expect change. Only three years ago optimism was rampant. So, I wonder why we were all so surprised by the dramatic change in our economy. Now, rampant pessimism; Gloom and doom. Can we really forget so fast? Well, get ready for another shift.
For my business, second home and vacation real estate, the change will be extraordinary. No going back to the way we were; Too many fantastic innovations, communication mediums and quick, easy, information sources have come alive. Professional agents will be defined by their negotiating skills, their communicative techniques and their ability to serve. This cyclical bad spell will end, as always, and when it does (much sooner than the prevailing conventional wisdom), those who remain in our business will be those who have adapted and adopted to the world as it has so quickly changed. A very bright light.