Here at The Real Estate Studio, we are proud to offer our beautiful space to local artists.  In fact, we allow a new artist to hang work every 6 weeks.  Shar Duffy took down her lush oil landscapes yesterday, and today Frank Peabody’s group is hanging his collection of colorful, dreamy watercolors.  You can check out the progress of the works going up below. He will join us for a reception on November 2 from 6-8pm.  We would love it if you’d join us too.

Peabody is a 1956 graduate of Princeton University and spent most of his life as a busy executive in the professional services industry in Louisville, Kentucky, and later in New York. His talent as an artist did not emerge until after his retirement. Since then, he has aggressively studied and painted locally throughout Vermont, South Carolina, and in a wide range of locations from Burma to Corsica to Venice, throughout Italy, Spain, the South Pacific, and many places in between.

Frank’s inspiration comes from places he travels or the simple beauties he witnesses in nature. His landscapes, still lifes and figures are realistic, yet sometimes possess a humorous, loose quality that reflects his emotions. Other times they simply represent the serenity he experiences while creating. He finds peace in the contemplative process of painting and those around him find joy and wonder in the results.

Frank paints in watercolors constantly exploring new techniques to master this medium. He lives in Vermont in the summer months with his wife, Juliet, and they spend their winters here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Peabody says, “Painting is an adventure for me, having spent my entire career in the business world. In painting, I find peace and serenity. I am drawn by everyday subjects in my life from people to places to things. My challenge is to capture the beauty of these subjects in my paintings and infuse them with emotion, mystery and a dash of drama.”

Stop by the Real Estate Studio at 214 King Street to see Frank Peabody’s show October 24 – December 4, 2012.  Or meet Frank and share a cocktail at his artist reception on Friday, November 2, 6-8pm.