Know about me Bryan McElveen

Bryan McElveen


Realtor®, Broker Associate





Downtown,Mt. Pleasant

Specializes in: Walkable Communities, Second Homes, Investment Properties, Preservation and Restoration

As an advocate for well-balanced and thoughtful development, partnering with Bryan introduces a fresh perspective to Charleston's distinctive real estate scene: through his platform he channels a commitment to harmonizing our urban environment with the natural treasures of the Lowcountry, connecting prospective homeowners to that vision here in Charleston.

Bryan’s expertise is centered on the convergence of functional community design – spanning from the revitalization of once-vibrant neighborhoods to the strategic development of new urbanist initiatives – along with modern building technologies and the revitalization of historic homes. He holds a distinct passion for the preservation and restoration of Charleston’s historic residences, underpinned by a deep commitment to ecological conservation in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry. It's this synergy that can genuinely elevate Charleston as an exceptional place to call home.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Bryan nurtures his creative interests in the realms of technology and horticulture. During his leisure time, he finds solace in the serene beauty of Charleston's rivers and beaches along with his husband Adam and their spoiled dogs Phoebe and Delilah.