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Richard Parker is a Business graduate in Finance from the University of Georgia. Upon graduation from college, Richard worked at Merrill Lynch for 2 years before starting his own Medical Product Sales business in 1989 with assistance from his father in the same field. After a 32-year successful career as a business owner, Richard moved to the Charleston Coast, having been an investor in the area for over 10 years. Discovering the tremendous opportunity for Investment in Charleston and the SC Coast, Richard soon joined Dunes Commercial Properties to specialize in the area of Investment Property, which to him seemed a natural fit. Richard has invested for over thirty years in Shopping Centers, Multifamily, and most recently Short Term Rentals. Richard and his wife Jill call Folly Beach SC, one of Charleston’s 5 beaches, their home. He is a proud Rotarian of the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston and he and his wife have 6 children. Richard enjoys running, golf, and community activities and is a car enthusiast.