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Mt. Pleasant

As a proud South Carolina native with a four-year residency in the charming city of Charleston, Tori's roots run deep in the LowCountry. Her passion for real estate blossomed during her childhood, marked by numerous family moves. It transcended the mere selection of rooms; Tori developed a profound appreciation for the distinctive character of each home they explored and inhabited over the years.

When the winds of change, in the form of COVID-19, left her jobless from a previous career in Physical Therapy in Nashville, TN, Tori made a heartfelt decision to return to the Palmetto State and pursue her enduring love for real estate. Over the past four years, Tori has dedicated herself to assisting first-time homebuyers and newcomers to Charleston, including second-home owners, in discovering their perfect abode.

Her mission is clear: to streamline the home buying and selling process, making it not only efficient but also enjoyable. Tori is unwavering in her commitment to providing clients with an unparalleled experience, going above and beyond to exceed all expectations.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Tori finds joy in moments spent on the boat, at the beach, fishing, hunting, and embracing an active lifestyle. She savors sunny days with friends, exploring new restaurants, and continuously expanding her expertise in the vibrant Charleston area.