Historic Charleston

Sometimes referred to as “The Peninsula,” Historic Charleston is a city of many faces, and there is no place, and no lifestyle, that rivals it. Tourists wander the ancient narrow streets and alleys of historic downtown. The sound of hooves on pavement and cobblestone marks the passing of another horse drawn carriage tour. Yet, this is no aging grande dame. Thriving with a perfect blend of modern day commerce and historical significance, Charleston preserves the best of the old and yet seems constantly fresh and new. Charleston is — well, Charleston. One of the world’s great cities, she preserves the best of the old and seems to constantly reinvent herself. Always relevant, yet obliging, we think she’s is grander than ever. You will too.

Neighborhoods in Historic Charleston:

The French Quarter


South of Broad Neighborhood in Charleston SC

South of Broad

North Central neighborhood in Charleston, SC

North Central

West Side

Cannonborough Elliotborough neighborhood in Historic Charleston


Harleston Village


South of Broad Neighborhood in Charleston SC

Wagener Terrace

Hampton Park Terrace

East Side Neighborhood Charleston SC

East Side


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