You want to sell your home? So do we. Here’s how we make that happen.

Choosing a real estate agent to market and sell your home can be an arduous and confusing process. Should you use your friend, your neighbor, the same agent who sold you the house, or the top agent in town?

Here are our recommendations to expect from the agent who will represent you best.  Hopefully, you’ll allow us an opportunity to explain the dunes difference.

Do they know your neighborhood or area well?

Some agents claim to ‘specialize in everything’ – an oxymoron for sure. However, you should look for someone who is very familiar with your area. At dunes properties, we expect our agents to be hyper-local experts – meaning they must specialize in just a few specific areas. This laser focus gives them an extraordinary level of knowledge about your neighborhood. We have offices and agents in every area of the Charleston Coast, so no matter where you are searching, there is a dunes properties expert ready to collaborate and work on your behalf.

Do they communicate with you as often as you like, according to what works best for you?

Whether you prefer to talk, text or email, whether you want to hear from us daily, or with weekly updates, we do what works best for your lifestyle and expectations. With us, you always know what we are doing to market your home.

Are they willing to pay for professional photography, floor plans, marketing and more?

You would be astounded to know how few agents invest the time and money for these simple tools. We offer these services and more for EVERY listing regardless of price. Don’t settle for anything less.

Of course, the answer to all these questions should be “Yes!”

Here are 8 great reasons to hire dunes properties to market and sell your home:

  • Longevity: Since 1989, dunes properties has been selling real estate on The Charleston Coast. That means we’ve accumulated a database of thousands of potential buyers who may be looking for just the right home but haven’t found it yet. It could be yours.
  • Commitment: Our agents are FULL-TIME. We don’t dabble. Real estate can be complex and require extraordinary attention to detail. It is one of the most important transactions in your life.  We know this. And because your home is probably the most valuable asset you own, choosing a professional should be a careful and deliberate decision.
  • Creativity: We get creative in our marketing. Sure, we do all the stuff everyone does – print advertising, online listings, and open houses – but we go far beyond. Professional photos: check, floor plans: check, videos: check, custom branding: check, and more…all designed to have your property rise above the crowd and stand out to buyers shopping for the home we offer on your behalf.
  • Teamwork: We believe no one person can be an expert at all things. As such, our agents work together to sell your property. From marketing and negotiation, to managing all the tiny details, to closing – we put our best people on the job. We collaborate among ourselves to get the word out to the prospects we’ve just met in the past few months, or sometimes years.
  • Focus: We require our agents to be hyperlocal. At all times you will have someone working for you who knows your neighborhood, your block, or the special amenities, views, breezes, or history that may not be obvious at first blush. Why does this matter?  Because our agents sell sizzle and lifestyle, not just bricks and mortar, and that’s what converts prospects to buyers.
  • Size Matters: Just the right size; not too big, but not too small. With five offices spread across Charleston,  dunes properties is big enough to offer a diversity of locations to expose your home not just to our agents but to the other professionals we work closely with when marketing your property. At the same time, we are small enough to treat our clients individually with care.  You’re not just another listing surrounded by thousands of other listings in a vast corporate inventory. You and your home matter to us more than the transaction.
  • Experience: Our agents have 24/7 access to the Founder and Broker-in-Charge of dunes properties. With over 30 years real estate sales experience, our President reviews contract construction, offers his advice or involvement in negotiations on your behalf, and expects (and receives) the professional integrity you demand of your agent.
  • Global exposure: We work directly with Leverage Global Partners, a modern real estate platform that promotes properties from leading agents, teams, and brokerages worldwide. From public relations, to digital and social media, to targeted advertising, Leverage strategically promotes members’ listings to a relevant international audience.  

When you list your home or property with dunes properties of Charleston, you’ve made the right decision because Nobody knows the Charleston Coast better®.

We market every property as conscientiously as if it were our own and have four real estate offices to serve you. In addition, dunes properties of Charleston has been locally owned and operated since 1989. We continue to grow just as the Charleston area does.

Selling a home with a professional can make a potentially complicated, intimidating process easier. Dunes properties of Charleston’s licensed, experienced real estate agents make buying and selling on The Charleston Coast a priority.

If you’d like a market analysis of your property or if you have questions about the Charleston, S.C. real estate market, contact dunes properties of Charleston.  We know how to communicate with a professional, no-pressure approach you won’t find anywhere else.