I love Travelocity.  I used to surf and compare the 5 “big” travel sites every time I was planning a trip, just to see if I could save a few bucks here or get a better flight there.  But I noticed that I always seemed to go back to Travelocity.com when it was time to book.  It’s an easy site to navigate, and I love the “FareWatcher” function that will automatically email me when any flights from Charleston to my favorite destinations go under my “magic number”.  Now, I know it’s all clever marketing to get me to book a trip through their site, but frankly, it’s win/win. They get my ridiculously low $5 “service fee” and I get to enjoy a spontaneous visit with my girlfriends for far cheaper than I usually pay.  What’s not to love?

Well, now Travelocity.com has added a new web tool….. ExperienceFinder.

ExperienceFinder provides maps, attraction videos and itineraries for approximately 20 top destinations and a variety of vacation “themes” (indulgence, family, history, girl getaways, etc.). What’s really cool is that Charleston is among the list of destinations.  I always love to see our city given credit for being a fantastic place to vacation, and it’s a major coup to be selected for such a short list. Those of us who live here know what a great place it is. The way I see it, if you’re not lucky enough to call Charleston home, you should at least come for a visit……And the travel gnome seems to agree.

Choosing the Charleston destination allows you to reserve your spot (or find out how to) for numerous activities including the Charleston Harbor Tour, Taste of the Lowcountry Cooking Class, Coastal Yacht Charters, Ghosts & Legends of Charleston and more.

Check it out at www.travelocity.com.

– Traci Magnus