I admit it. I have succumbed to a common Mt. Pleasant mindset. Many of us feel going over the Ravenel Bridge to downtown Charleston is just too darn far. Sure it’s just a 15 minute drive but you have to go “over the bridge.” Because of this silly mindset, I was not aware of what was going on outside Dunes Properties’ own patch of the 200 block of King St. until I started working out of our Real Estate Studio. Our front walkway is a mess of crumbled cement and we have a wooden walkway with handrails from the sidewalk to our door.

The yellow tape looks daunting but it’s really not that difficult to get to us. We’re here and working and ready to help you find anything your heart desires in Charleston so come in! Check out area real estate, get some dining recommendations and admire the Brownie Harris photography on display.

Back to the relevance of this post, what is going on with King St? This transformation on the Market to Broad portion of King St. began in June and completion is anticipated for the spring of 2009. The city is relining the sewer main (this has been completed), putting in a new SCE&G electrical duct bank, a new CWS water main, new street lights, removal of trolley tracks, and putting in blue slate sidewalks, granite curbs and new asphalt for the roadway.

This city just keeps improving.

– Rebecca N.