The beach at Wild Dunes was completely restored this summer. From 53rd Avenue to Dewees Inlet approximately 900,000 cubic yards of sand were pumped onto the beach during a short 30 day period. Bulldozers shaped the material into a beautiful dry sand beach approximately 200 feet wide in front of Wild Dunes.

The speed and efficiency of the work by the contractor, Weeks Marine, under the auspices of a team of engineers and project managers from Coastal Science and Engineering was astonishing to those who had an opportunity to see the project in progress. We even had a 10 inch – 128 pound Civil War cannonball come through the sand pipes!

The renourishment of the northeastern end of the Isle of Palms beach was the culmination of a three year battle against the property-threatening erosion in this area.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit the restored beach you must see it! Please visit Wild Dunes Beach Renourishment to see before and after photos like the one above and find out how it was accomplished.

You will also be thrilled with the new 18th hole of the Links Course which is the best finishing hole east of Pebble Beach – set to open in the Spring.