I love Folly Beach. Even though I live here in Charleston, a few times a year I rent a beach house or condo on Folly to “get away from it all”… but not too far. When I stay out on Folly with friends or family, although I am 15 minutes from my “regular life,” I feel a million miles away. It’s just a relaxed kind of town. I especially love it during the “off season”, a time of year that is quieter and holds a magical, rejuvenating quality. I love to walk the beach in the chilly air- let’s face it, it never really gets COLD here. I spent more than a decade in New York City and I can tell you that our coldest days resemble early spring and late fall afternoons there. The beach in winter just makes me feel introspective. I get in the mood to make changes. I gather energy. I feel revived. So last weekend, I gathered 3 of my closest girlfriends and we set out for Folly – 12 miles away- to make some memories and recharge for the year ahead.

We stayed in a great oceanview condo, Beachwalk Villas 31, so close to the center of town that my car sat silently in the same space for 3 days. Although we did a lot of cooking, we made some time for Taco Boy, the local taqueria/cantina with the best margaritas and freshest, most delicious food on the island. We also meandered over to the Surf Bar, where we enjoyed a few beverages and had more than a few hearty laughs. Anything we needed was easily picked up at good ole Bert’s Market (open 24 hours and right around the corner). And since we’ll undoubtedly be back for another respite very soon, I’m excited about the news of some new restaurants planned for Center Street this spring. Read about the new spots in the Charleston City Paper article HERE.

-Traci Magnus

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