Four times a year Dunes Properties participates in the Adopt a Highway program.  Agents, employees and their families volunteer on a Saturday morning and we slowly meander down Palm Boulevard in our snazzy orange safety vest with large orange garbage bags.

Over the years we’ve discovered some odd things (many should not be mentioned in polite company)- and we’ve encountered local wildlife. I’ve caught a glimpses of a fox, seen many rabbits hopping in and out of the marsh, colorful golden silk spiders in webs between the trees, narrowly avoided fire ant hills and this weekend I saw my first blueberry tree!  Growing wild right there along one of the docks and along the roadside.

Dunes Properties has cleaned up several hundred pounds of litter over the years and we take pride in helping our island neighbors.  We love the Isle of Palms and want to make sure she’ll be in fine condition for the next generation to come and is picture perfect for her visitors.