Charleston usually shows up on some great lists that magazines and industries do periodically (best vacation spot, friendliest city, etc).  Fortunately when Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed the most expensive cities in the world, Charleston was not on the list. New York was the first American city to make an apperance on the list and it came in at 29th.  Based on factors they took into account to make the list, our very own Charleston Regional  Business Journal showed how Charleston would compare to some of the most expensive:

Rank City Can of
Kg Rice 12 Eggs Movie
1 Tokyo $3.37 $8.47 $3.78 $22 $879
16 Paris $1.47 $4.19 $5.86 $15 $731
17 Abidja,
Ivory Coast
$1.79 $6.89 $2.42 $6 $1,114
29 New York $1.31 $4.79 $2.96 $13 $837
Unknown Charleston $0.75 $1.37 $1.19 $10 $789

But this begs the question- why are washing machines least expensive in Paris?  Hmmm.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek; Charleston Regional Business Journal research by Jonathan Rivers