I always find interesting tidbits out about Charleston even after 10+ years of calling it home.  I just found out recently there is a Communications Museum.  Now their website isn’t updated (hasn’t been since 2006) so I won’t go sharing it here, but the museum itself  is worth a visit.

It’s located at 58 George Street downtown at the College of Charleston, the Elliott House.  Their four rooms display collections of antique radios, televisions, phonographs, telephones, magic lanterns, motion picture projectors and numerous other artifacts associated with communications and broadcasting.

Occassionally they have special events.  One that I plan on attending tonight  is silent movie night.  Colorful personality about town Noodle McDoodle has selected a few scenes from silent movies and he will be playing alongside local band The V-Tones music to accompany the clips.  I have an inside tip that one of the clips is from the 1925 Wizard of OzThe fun starts at 7:30. I’ll be there.

Since it is a museum, unfortunately I don’t think popcorn, candy and soda will be allowed, but you can always drop by The Patat Spot after for an order of frites or falafel. I’ll be there too.

– Rebecca