Friday was the opening home game of Charleston’s minor league baseball team (and NY Yankee affiliate team) The Riverdogs

If you are vacationing and need a fun family evening out- give minor league baseball a try.  You never know who will be at a game or what surprises the evening may hold.

Co-owner Bill Murray (yes, THAT Bill Murray) was at the opening game and he treated everyone to some fun surprises- here he is swinging our Mayor Joe Riley around

Bill treated the audience to a fabulous display of hilarious antics.  Win or lose you’ll always find something to enjoy at a game.  The Riverdogs are famous for their promotional events- once ticketholders were locked out of the stadium for the first inning to beat the record for least attended game and former Olympian ice skater Tanya Harding was a special guest for “bat night.” Every season you can count on some surprising events and specials.  There’s fireworks on Friday home games, food and drink specials, face painting for kids, and more! 

If you can, make it out to a game this summer.  Whether it’s the whole family or just you and a few friends, there is an abundance of fun to be had at a Riverdogs game. 

Photos courtesy of Erin Southerlin