Los Angeles? New York? Not a chance.

Apparently, all the hotties hang out in Charleston, S.C. According to a survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine, the southern city is home to the most attractive people in America. The prettiest populaces tend to live in places that are either sun-kissed, like Honolulu, or active and athletic, like Denver. The cities NewsFeed thought were sure bets — New York and L.A. — rank lower, possibly because they scored low in friendliness. The worst-looking city? Memphis, Tenn., with a low rating that could correlate with its top rank in barbecue.

In other categories, New York was deemed most stylish, Washington, D.C. was voted most intelligent, and Charleston was voted friendliest. Anyone think Charleston residents rigged the polls? NewsFeed is sure people are good-looking in Charleston, but it’s quite the outlier compared to its beachy counterparts. See the 10 sexiest cities below.

  1. Charleston
  2. San Diego
  3. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  4. Denver
  5. Austin
  6. Miami
  7. Savannah
  8. Honolulu
  9. Phoenix/Scottsdale
  10. Nashville

(Travel + Leisure, via The Hairpin)