I stumbled across this blog post by a Washington DC mom who recently vacationed here in Charleston and I hope we can find a way to help her with the answers she seeks:

I experienced my first trip to Charleston, SC this past weekend and what a time it was!  I fell in love with the town. People were friendly, the seafood was incredible, block after block had laid back bars and stylish yet understated restaurants. Kids walking around seemed calm, looked nice in their collar shirts and everyone just seemed more relaxed than parents here in the Washington, DC area.  Did I see the real Charleston or was it just a vacation state of mind?

I’m under the impression the South (it’s South to me; I grew up in the midwest) is a better kind of life, more slower-paced and comfortable than the East coast. I’d love to hear from moms out there if this is true.

Does being able to drive to the beach in fifteen minutes make life more livable?  Or do Charleston moms have the same daily frustrations I have, like running around like a lunatic trying to get their kids to camp on time, searching for missing shin guards and worrying their kids are eating too many Pringles while they’re at the office?

Is the grass always greener?

So come on, area moms, share your Charleston mom experience with her! Tell her we sent you.  http://www.erinmantz.com/charleston-moms-more-content