The Real Estate Studio dunes propertiesOur planters are HAPPY!

You will never leave Charleston in want or need of something beautiful or something delicious.  We offer both in abundance.  Today, when I looked out the front window at The Real Estate Studio, I noticed in our planters something small, orange, beautiful, and delicious.  Our Calamondin orange bushes have begun to fruit!  This is particularly exciting since it was only recently that I tasted the most amazing local marmalade, crafted from this species of orange.

The Calamondin is most likely of Chinese origin, and is thought to be introduced in Florida in 1899.  It is believed to be a cross between Citrus reticulata (Mandarin orange group) and Fortunella japonica (Kumquat group). It’s particularly interesting because as a hybrid, it does not naturally occur in the wild. It is now quite prevalent in the Philippines and other area of Southeast Asia. The peel is thin and smooth, yellow to yellow-orange and easily separable.  The small oranges make amazing marmalade or (my personal favorite) they can be frozen whole and used as ice cubes in beverages such as tea, water, and cocktails.

Our friends at The Local Palate recently featured the a recipe for Calamondin Marmalade.  Check it out HERE.

If you’re hankering for some of this delicious citrus spread and don’t fancy making your own, read up on Charleston local Laura Wichmann Hipp in this Charleston Magazine Article. Hipp not only gives amazing tours of some of our fine city’s homes and gardens (complete with a tea party!) but she also sells the marmalade she makes from her own personal Calamondin mini-grove.