vacations on folly beach

Finding the right property from a large selection of Folly Beach vacation rentals can be a time consuming task. If you’ve reached this post for help, you’ve likely invested hours into your research. Here are a few tips for making the search for your perfect vacation rental enjoyable and time efficient.

1. Pick 2 sets of preferred dates before starting. This will provide some flexibility on your options. It is important to note, June, July, and August are Charleston’s busiest beach months, so plan ahead. Also, they are the most expensive due to demand. If you are a flexible traveler, late March and early October are the best temperature months vs price to visit our coastal city.

2. Don’t get bogged down on exact size. This is the most common mistake as many believe larger properties are always more expensive. Although true in many cases, your price range is the real deciding factor.

3. Purpose. Why are you taking a vacation and choosing a vacation rental on the Folly Beach? Surprisingly, most exhausted “searchers” have forgotten what they really want. It is sun? Book time? Golf? Sightseeing? Watersports? Beach side beverages? Often it’s more than one but it’s important to stay focused. What do you really want to do and will the property you’ve selected help you achieve this long awaited ___________.

4. Assistance. The common belief is the internet is a “super deal making” machine. Although the web has changed the landscape of commerce, it’s become the norm, so try to stay focused on your purpose of renting rather than how much you are “saving”. Years ago, renting direct from a property owners could provide some steep discounts, but you may be surprised what price is being discounted. It’s hard to tell as each home is unique. Enlisting the help of a property management company saves many soon-to-be vacationers the hassle of endless web searching and emailing dozens of owners for “special deals” provided by an individual. Good property management companies will provide a few options which fit your needs, price, and group and can do so within a few minutes.

5. Relax and wait for your trip!

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By Wes Walker