Why Guests Vacation

What guides a guest to book a vacation rental? Most believe it is price or location or amenities. Yes, these are very important, but it is important to remember the vacation is not about a house or condo or even the bells and whistles. It is about an experience. It’s somewhere to spend time with friends and family… and most importantly, to enjoy some rest & relaxation.

Rest & Relaxation

It appears obvious when stated, but R&R is the #1 reason guests vacation… and it is often over looked by many in the vacation rental business. Even guests tend to forget this during the lengthy research. Everyone is focused on pools and taxes and all the minor details… so it’s important to never forget why guests vacation. It’s all about the R&R. Guests want the confirmation and the reminder of why they began the quest in the first place. Great photography capturing the look and feel finishes the picture.

Sleeping Arrangements

We are often asked by new vacation home owners, “What sleeping arrangements should we use in our vacation rental?” I think it’s one of the most important questions we’re asked.  Keeping a mix of larger beds (queens and kings) with a few single sleeping arrangements will provide the best rental interest across all seasons. Often, we will suggest using a double / twin hybrid bed set for a 3rd or 4th bedroom… or a queen with a single trundle hidden below. It works well for singles travelings or young adults/kids. It’s important to resist the urge to decorate a room for kids. This limits your options.

Big, Beautiful Bedding

Fluffy and inviting bedding is also a great investment. It solidifies the guest’s interest for a relaxing vacation. Bedding will need replacement frequently as it is expected to be well enjoyed, so plan to replace these items often. It’s better to continue taking high value reservations than to worry about the relatively minimal cost of bedding.

Furniture and Furnishing

Furniture is also a big selling point from a guest’s perspective. Properties decorated with a thrift store approach are quickly skipped by potential guests researching online. Investing in affordable, replaceable, and inviting furniture is another extremely important step to owning a successful vacation rental.


by Wes Walker
Vice President of Vacation Rentals
Dunes Properties of Charleston
(843) 513-1604





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