Watch Out For “Location, Location, Location” Tunnel Vision

When designing a vacation rental strategy, success is found with five (or more) main amenity points. It is common to hear, “location, location, location,” in the business, but the perception of view and location often improperly shadows the importance of offering other supporting & unique amenities.

Focus On 5 (or more) Main Points of Amenities & Features

We have found offering five (or more) main and unique amenities will provide most vacation home owners with a healthy calendar and a robust rental rate… no matter the location and size of the property. Real estate pricing often leads buyers, and even some inexperienced agents, to believe a large oceanfront home is the best bet for producing rental income. This is often incorrect.

Unexpected Results

One of my most prized vacation rental accounts was a small, but beautiful, 2 bedroom beach house. The property was in demand nearly year round as it had little competition due to the unique size. This allowed for a solid 10 month rental season and for a very attractive rental rate for the home owner… in some cases much higher production than a 3 or 4 bedroom property. The home featured special amenities such as a Netflix movie device, a decked out & comfortable porch, wireless internet, flat screen TVs, pet friendly access, and totally remodeled baths & kitchen. A free book exchange added a great touch and a cabinet of board, dice, and card games provided the extra details guests seek while searching for the next vacation.

Not Just Rental Price

This is what is often misunderstood by managers and even some home owners; guests desire more than a low price and a place near the beach. Guests wish for relaxation, ample options, and value added features… even if they will not use them. Marketing these features properly captures a guest during the search and validates value when considering an above average price.

Guiding our clients with affordable and powerful marketing ideas which transform a property into a vacation experience is another service we offer at dunes properties. We invite you to explore more about our program!


by Wes Walker
Vice President of Rentals
Dunes Properties of Charleston
(843) 513-1604





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