The Real Estate Studio at 214 King Street is now offering weekly Real Estate Walking Tours on Saturdays.  There are many great Downtown listings within walking distance of one another in a variety of neighborhoods, sizes, and price ranges.  Here, at Dunes Properties, we thought it would be not only informative, but also fun to group 4-5 closely-related listings (by location, price, and type) together in a short walking tour every weekend.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve learned a lot from our visitors here at the Studio.  We’ve learned that people want to live downtown but have a lot of questions about the neighborhoods and don’t have a clear idea of what they can get for a certain price-point.  We have also learned that many people don’t feel exactly comfortable getting in the car immediately for a whole day of driving and parking and one-on-one conversation with a real estate agent.  That’s why we’ve designed these tours to take the pressure off by offering a relaxed, small group environment with a fun and physical twist.   We’re considering it a nice walk, with an interesting group of folks, with the added bonus of some valuable real estate information.  So, get out there and get some fresh air!  How better to get the feel of a neighborhood than by strolling through it?  You’ll not only tour the listed properties, but you’ll get a feel for the restaurants, shops, and spots of historical interest in each neighborhood.

Some tours will start at The Real Estate Studio and some will originate at another point, more centrally located for the specific neighborhood.  Tours will vary each Saturday to cover a variety of Charleston’s most charming communities and offer the BEST listings in each, sometimes homes, sometimes condos.  Just call The Real Estate Studio at 843.722.5618 to find out about the tour schedule or to request a specific area for a future jaunt!