Friday was the 20th Anniversary of Dunes Properties. There wasn’t a big fanfare about it- no party, no “drinks all around!”, no commemorative t-shirts. These are tough economic times and everyone, besides being reserved about expenses, are keeping their eyes and minds on the business of selling real estate. Instead, Randy Walker, the president of Dunes Properties, sent a simple email to the staff to acknowledge the occasion. Although the day has passed, the sentiment is important to share as we embark on yet another new year of helping people find their homes on the Charleston Coast. Here are the concise, yet eloquent words of our president:

“On this day, twenty years ago, Betty Poore, John Hassell and I sat down together and told each other that we could do better than what we had done. We had nothing more than an idea; a dream of how people working together should enjoy life and work. And I must say, despite all that has passed, it has become much more than we ever imagined. What a great way to earn a living. Helping people fulfill their life long dreams and making them a reality. Come on…having a place on an island off the coast of Charleston SC or in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world? The cultural center of the South! Please. Advising on what real wealth is (not imaginary paper wealth…manipulated by some Wall Street pundit) but real wealth, wealth you can touch and feel; happiness, and family sharing life on the Charleston Coast.

Twenty years ago today, January 09, 1989, we embraced an optimism which went beyond the depths of the real estate recession we were in the middle of, with banks shutting down, interest rates in double digits, prices and demand stagnant. Looking back, as bad as it was, it was great. Exciting, challenging, scary, so we worked hard to be the best we knew we could be. Well, if I had to describe what dunes properties really is, yesterday and today, it is people who believe in themselves, who gather their confidence from themselves and those around them.

That is it, in the most simple form; how all great companies start and not just survive, but seize the day. Turning chicken shit to chicken salad. This is dunes properties.

Join me in celebrating our twentieth anniversary.”

-Randy Walker