We have some beautiful,  stunning,  multi-million dollar properties on our vacation rental program.  People often walk by on the beach, looking at these houses overlooking the ocean, with their big decks and a group of people having a ball on the roof top cabana and think they could never afford to rent a place like that. Think about this: You can’t find a decent hotel even close to the beach in the summer for under $100 a night.  Agreed?  What if I said that you could pay under $100 a night to stay in one of those top notch homes on the ocean, that I can tell you will far exceed the hotel that’s more like $200 a night or more. Total vacation cost – no extra fees – cost per person to get in one of our most high end, lavish properties on our rental program that sleeps 14, $76.15 per person, per night. What do you get for $76.15? You have:

  • A place that makes you feel high end, luxurious and peaceful.
  • Your own space with no one running up and down the halls in the middle of the night.
  • You don’t have to eat out every meal.  You can get up,  go to the kitchen in your bathrobe,  get your coffee and bagel and sit on the deck watching the sunrise over the ocean.  Think about the immense savings just from not having to eat out 3 times a day.
  • You have so many additional amenities already included like the roof top deck, pool table, bar, big screen tv’s, screened porches, beautiful furniture, luxury galore.

The list could go on forever.  Bring your friends and family together, rent a beautiful place and no one will have to know that you are actually spending half of what the other guys did at a hotel. -Susan St. Hilaire