Real estate activity has really picked up here on the Charleston Coast. Showings are up substantially on properties across the board, regardless of price. The motivating factor seems to be the “deal.” Investors are looking for “deals” – the common thread being a short sale or a foreclosure.

What many investors don’t realize is just how many properties for sale are priced like a short sale … but aren’t a short sale. THOSE are the real deals because you can avoid the hassles of a short sale, some of which include:

  1. List prices that aren’t even approved by the bank.
  2. Three to four month response time from the lender, in some cases a rejection of the offer with no counter offer.
  3. The possibility of missing out on real buys as you wait for a response.

I could go on and on. For a preview of just some of my properties that are Priced Like a Short Sale but aren’t, click here.

-Betty Poore