10 State Street, Charleston SC

Charleston is steeped in history, but has evolved and changed over time into an eclectic mix of the old and the new.  We are thoroughly modern in many ways, but we are still blatantly nostalgic when it comes to certain things.  We still prefer carriages to cars when it comes to a ride by the water and a chilly glass of sweet tea beats an iced latte anyday. Sure you can find lots of modern conveniences in our city, but we also love the traditions of a bygone era. That’s why we’re so excited about the Old South Barber Spa.  It’s Charleston’s newest and most innovative (just for men) salon where, when it comes to a shave, the old fashioned straight razor reigns supreme.

The Old South Barber Spa’s expert mix of the old and the new makes it feel right at home here in Charleston. The decor is old world men’s club, but the amenities are ultra-modern in every way. Nestled in the heart of Charleston’s French Quarter at number 10 State Street, their state of the art facility offers every salon/spa service a man could want, and even some he might never expect.  The modern man might want to get his nails groomed, his hair highlighted, a hot stone massage, or literally any part of his body waxed.  The old fashioned man might choose a classic haircut, a straight blade shave, a shoe shine, and a complimentary cigar in the private outdoor lounge.  And for those men who call themselves true Charlestonians?  Well, a combo of the old and new of course…. plus a cocktail.

Stop by The Old South Barber Spa to see just another reason we think it’s wonderful to live in this beautiful city. And tell Joe Spector we said hello.

– Traci Magnus