One of my favorite things about working at The Real Estate Studio is that it really is a beautiful place to spend the day.  Besides the fact that it’s open and bright with clean, modern décor, the exposed brick walls offer the perfect backdrop for an ever-changing array of local art.  Every six weeks or so, we offer our downtown space to a different local artist or organization to exhibit new works, hang a retrospective, or organize a group showing. We don’t pretend to be a gallery.   We just love supporting the art community in Charleston.  This city is culturally alive, and that’s one of the things that makes it such an exciting place to live.

Next up at the Studio is painter Honor Marks, a Charleston native who paints luminous oils of indigenous wildlife and flowers. Honor says about her work, “I try to reveal the work of God that we see in the world around us. The unfurling of a leaf, the structure of a stem, the majesty of a single fading flower are all such amazing and complicated creations. As wild places disappear, we are increasingly surrounded by landscapes and places that are man-made. How will we retain a sense of wonder, awe, mystery, or humility when everything that was created by something greater than us is gone? We truly take for granted the enormity of the miracles that surround us. My work celebrates those miracles.”

We are terribly excited to show Honor’s work at the Studio.  Not only do her paintings radiate the pure essence of her natural subjects, but those subjects are specific to this region. This show will offer our guests a unique perspective on our local botanicals and wildlife, and it will also introduce them to a really talented local artist. Honor is featured in the Artist Profile this month in Charleston Magazine.

Stop by the Studio between November 1 and December 9, 2009 to check out this extraordinary work.  For an opportunity to meet the artist and enjoy some good company and some fine beverages, join us for the opening reception on November 5, 2009.

by Traci Magnus