It is amazing the amount of work that goes into replacing a bridge. I am talking about the old bridge going over the Cooper River from Mt. Pleasant to downtown and now the turnstile bridge that connects Mt. Pleasant to Sullivan’s Island. I use the Ben Sawyer bridge at least 15 times a week and for the next eight days it will be closed and traffic redirected to the IOP Connector so a newer version replaces the old style. The Department of Transportation has been building this bridge off site for a year now and have brought it in by barge. They lift the old one off and place the new one in.
I am so glad that they did not build a fixed span bridge and made it where we all have to stop our busy day and wait for the boats traveling form Miami to New York go by at 15 knots. A great time to reflect on why we are so fortunate to live here.  Sometimes there’s nothing better than a forced pause to take a moment to watch the world go by at a quiet pace.  Just another wonderful day in the Lowcountry.
Joe Walker

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