The City Paper released an article today on the rapidly changing Cannonborough/Elliotborough area downtown.  Over the last year or two several retailers and a few restaurants have decided to make the Spring/Cannon corridor their home.  Why?  Homes in the area have already been getting major face lifts, the Midtown development, it’s easy to get to from the crosstown, and maybe most importantly, there’s parking!

The Spring/Cannon Corridor

Last week the shops and restaurants of the area had “A Tour of the Senses” where people could browse through a handbag gallery (Audella Studios), a bakery (Wildflour Pastry), a florist (Stems), and jewlery (Gilly Lynn).

The article went on to say that the area’s latest effort is to get the city’s Bed and Breakfast ordinance revised to allow boutique hotels and B&B’s.  Now that opens up a whole new ball game!  It certainly will be interesting to see how this unfolds.  It’s pretty amazing to think how 5-10 years ago people didn’t dare think of investing their businesses in the Cannon/Spring corridor, and now it’s becoming an area with a lot to offer!