I was…well, let’s be honest, I was procrastinating.  I stumbled across a personal blog of one of our agents, Kristin Walker, and I was gobsmacked.  Her description of reconciling her past with her present love of place/home just sunk into my being’s core.  She told the tale of two trips she’d taken within weeks of each other- to Hoboken and the Outter Banks but it ends like this:

But here’s what happened.

In all that travel, in all that allure, there was still this part of me that said “My home is better.”  ”My home is more beautiful”.  Alas, after so many years, Charleston has made me myopic in my love.  Once a world traveler, a go-go-getter and a person who considered a lack of roots as having wings, I am now almost unknown to my former self as I settle even further into the embrace of my chosen place.

To me, there’s nothing like the feel of our broad finely-sanded beaches, and the sight of our glittering meandering waterways.  And nothing is easier on my eyes than our lively-colored homes and the quiet grace of our steepled skylines.

And when I get off that plane and walk through those big glass doors that open at my behest, that is my moment. My happiness.  I feel the sensuous Lowcountry wind on my face as that Carolina blue sky comes into view, and I know that I am home.

Don’t you want to live somewhere that makes you feel that way? I hope you do already, but if you don’t, give Charleston a try.