Bethany Joy Galeotti of CW’s One Tree Hill and 1/2 of the singing duo Everley spent some time in Charleston hiding out from Hurricane Irene and she had fabulous things to say about us on her blog especially about the food- and her in laws are restaurateurs so she has some food review cred…

You’ll have to visit her blog (click on the above link) to see her pictures, but here’s what she said:

To escape the impending hurricane in Wilmington, we dodged down to Charlestown last weekend. Great trip, great food. Lots of history (Charleston is where the Civil War officially started, for those of you who are NOT smarter than a 5th grader) and beautiful architecture. The joke goes that Charleston is the most well built city because they’ve had so much practice rebuilding it. Due to hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and fires, it’s a wonder this South Carolinian history-Mecca is still standing.

This weekend was also the first weekend back for College kids and they were swarming the streets. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen a frat house or sorority up close, so I took some pictures of the ones near our hotel. A bit underwhelming, but interesting nonetheless… I’ll show you those later. My favorite pics, though, were of some local entryways. The doors are painted such great colors.

Ok, we can’t talk about Charleston without talking about its food! I mean, Bon Apetite Magazine’s No. 1 Best Restaurant in America is in this city. And yes, we ate there… HUSK.

The people were incredibly friendly for the amount of snobbery to which they could rightfully lay claim, the atmosphere was warm and the food was awesome. Awesome. We had fried chicken skins in a honey hot sauce, amberjack fish with local greens and oatmeal pie for dessert. Husk’s whole gimmick is that it’s true pioneer cooking. Everything is local. And by everything, i mean if he can’t find an olive vineyard within the southern tri-state area, he don’t cook with olive oil.

Moving on to Husk’s next door neighbor, 82 QUEEN, we had a killer lunch of fried okra w/marmalade, homemade cheddar/chive biscuits, BBQ shrimp n grits, and more.

Thank you so much Bethany Joy for your raves about our town. Thanks for being a fan of Charleston.