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dunes properties of Charleston is a real estate, vacation rental and property management company representing the Lowcountry with almost 80 exclusive Charleston beach vacation rental properties, 70 real estate agents and employees, four full-service offices. Nobody knows the Charleston Coast better.

Isle of Palms Office

1400 Palm Boulevard
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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Folly Beach Office

31 Center Street
Folly Beach, SC 29439

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The Real Estate Studio

214 King Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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Kiawah Seabrook Office

1887 Andell Bluff Boulevard
Johns Island, SC 29455

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The Charleston Coast From Our View...

Charleston Area Market Stats Through November (and other news)

After a widely anticipated benchmark rate reduction by the Federal Reserve in November, home buyers and sellers are eager to see what the new year holds. Although inventory is still low (down 21.4%), the economy remains strong and new construction activity continues to rise nationally with new housing permits up 5% in October.

Closed Sales +2.4% | Median Sales Price -0.2% |  Months Supply -21.4%

Market Statistics by Area

Featured Property

Welcome to 507 Carolina Boulevard, your perfectly situated island retreat,
just 2 short blocks to the beach! This 5 bedroom, 4 bath home features a modern, open floor plan with state-of-the-art kitchen, multiple porches and a beautiful family room that opens to the stunning open air deck.

30 for 30 Year-End Update

Throughout 2019, we’ve been donating to a varied list of 30 worthy charities and non-profit organizations to celebrate our 30th anniversary as a company. Here are some of the groups we’ve supported this year…

One 80 Place
Begin with Books
Dewees Island Conservancy
Green Heart Project
Heart Artist Community
Lowcountry Orphan Relief
Ronald McDonald House
Habitat for Humanity
Camp Happy Days
Meals on Wheels
Doors to Freedom
Fresh Future Farms
Tri-County Veterans Support Network
Charleston Waterkeepers
Genesis Project through Parkland Foundation
Pet Helpers
Friends of the Library
Palmetto Paws
Florence Crittenton Programs of SC
Preservation Society of Charleston
Charleston Parks Conservancy
Lowcountry Food Bank
Abaco Connect
American Red Cross

Top 9 Social Media Posts of 2019

Confessions of a Christmas Tree Snob

    • “What are you, some kind of pagan?!” These were the first words from my husband’s mouth when I told him I purchased a black Christmas tree.
    • You see, I had always been a natural Christmas tree snob. I would never have a “fake” tree, those are for people who are not willing to sacrifice as I was – I thought. That was until I arrived home after a week away, to discover that my cat had been nibbling on the tree all week and puked all over the hand cross-stitched, tree skirt and broken many of the balls for a mix of cat puke and glass that helped me make the decision. No more trees. We were traveling each year anyway from our home on Martha’s Vineyard to be with family in PA and did not really get to enjoy it much. I decorated the house, but used an ornament tree to enjoy a handful of cherished ornaments and dispensed with the live trees.
    • After we moved to Charleston with the cat, who was still with us but slowing down (bless her, she died last year at 18) I thought again about a tree. Right after the holidays one day in January, I decided to rethink the tree situation.  I was also 10 years older and began to think about an artificial tree. I went back and forth and wrestled with the idea and then finally thought, what if instead of looking for the most lifelike “fake” tree, I embraced the artificial by being transparently artificial.  Don’t pretend it’s not fake – see the humor in it! I always ask buyers and sellers if something is not working, try thinking about the opposite position. If they only want to see brick homes on James Island, I sometimes send them West Ashley properties that might fit the bill. If their sofa is the wrong size for every home they see, perhaps a new sofa is cheaper than paying for more square footage.
    • But, how best to do it? The answer of course, was Christmastreemarket.com. By now it was February, it took me a little while to make the journey to an artificial tree.
    • Oh the colors! The all-white tree reminded me too much of the snow I had recently escaped. The silver trees were reminiscent of when my aunt had one (back in the day) and used a tree wheel projecting changing light colors. Pink was definitely not my style, and the upside down one made me dizzy. Then I saw the tuxedo black tree. I loved decorating for Christmas with blue, white, and silver trimmings, and typically avoided the traditional green and red. It occurred to me that those less traditional colors would be quite elegant on a black tree with white lights. And, since it was February – I got a bargain! Fedex delivered and I packed it away in the attic.
    • In November, my mother-in-law came to visit for Thanksgiving. We had often gone shopping on Black Friday so Thanksgiving dinner seemed the perfect time to bring up the tree. I asked if there was anything in particular she would be looking for on our trip the next day. “Nothing special – so I don’t care where we go. Do you have something in mind?” she asked. I knew I wanted to get some special new decorations for the tree to set off the color, so I told them my story and my husband asked me the question at the beginning of this blog. While my husband found some words, Helen was speechless. All my in-laws find me to be quirky, but this black tree was outside the box even for me.
    • The next day we found white and crystal beads for the garland, a super sparkly white wreath ornament, turquoise snowflakes, and several boxes of mixed silver, aqua and navy balls – some in matte and some glittery. After I picked up a few other glam items, I was still missing a tree topper. My former topper from the old tree was retired to the fireplace mantle to join the other blue and white angels. The tree was not quite as tall as I would have liked (because a 6’ black tree is so much less risky than the 9’ version) so I was thinking vertical. I found some crazy looking silver and white balls attached to long wires meant to be tucked into the branches. I combined three of them with some similar wires with dangly crystals I already had, to create what has essentially become sparkly head bonkers on my tree.

black christmas tree terry bell-aby

    • Every year now, I delight in finding a new and unique ornament or two to add to the mix. I have since discovered that purple adds another interesting contrast and I make sure there’s a pop of it in every sight line. My only regret is that I did not get the 9’ version!
    • Let me help you think outside the box in searching for your Lowcountry home.
  • Mobile  508-627-2988  | Terry@dunesproperties.com

Hidden Lowcountry Gems – Part Two

In part one of four, I made it clear these locations are not “secrets,” but rather places that even some long-time Charleston residents have yet to find and explore. Here are two more delightful neighborhoods and another great activity hidden in plain sight.

Kiawah River Estates

Do you love the Kiawah Island (KI) lifestyle but find it a bit too exclusive? Kiawah River Estates (KRE) is a great alternative with many of the same great features KI offers at a premium. This gated community is less than 5 miles from the front gate at KI and prices are significantly lower for its executive homes. KRE has tennis, a community pool, tennis courts, pickle ball tournaments, and party house where I’m told they hold one of the area’s top notch Kentucky Derby Parties! The newly redesigned golf course at KRE is managed by the Kiawah Island Club. There is also a picnic area near the community dock and you’ll see more golf carts than cars on the quiet streets. Perhaps the best feature is that Beachwalker County Park is less than 5 miles away and is open to the public. The county park is connected to the beach behind the gate and features the same white sand, dunes and dolphins! At KRE you can enjoy one of the finest beaches in the country and live where the homeowner’s costs are thousands less per year.


Looking for a bargain near historic downtown Charleston? The Bourdeleaux condominiums are located in Wagener Terrace on the banks of the Ashley River. This delightful neighborhood on the north end of the peninsula is walking distance to Hampton Park, the Citadel and some of the best new restaurants in town! The condos share a pool and fabulous views of the river. Walk the dog, or bike through the lightly traveled streets. The tidy homes in this older Charleston neighborhood are hot properties, so if you haven’t been to Wagener Terrace lately, you are in for a treat. If you are looking for a real sense of neighborhood, a downtown bargain, and the convenience of a condo, Bordeleaux might be right for you.

walking dog

Northbridge Park

For years I watched people fishing and shrimping off the edge of the Ashley River under the bridge that links West Ashley to North Charleston via Cosgrove Avenue.  Folks would park precariously along the edge of the road to throw in a line or net while cars whizzed past them in four lanes of traffic over the bridge. A couple of years ago, the City of Charleston developed this de facto fishing pier into a charming municipal park with a proper dock, plenty of parking, and a safe ingress and egress for walkers, bikers, and cars. Other amenities include security cameras, lighting, and restrooms. Put in a kayak, take your fishing pole, pack a picnic, or just sit on a bench and watch the boats and dolphins navigate the waterway at the Northbridge Park. The sunsets are truly spectacular!