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The Charleston Coast From Our View...

Living on Johns Island

johns island sc

I chose the Johns Island lifestyle when I first relocated to the Lowcountry. Coming from a remote location like Martha’s Vineyard, I was ready for a tad more society, but not prepared to sacrifice a rural sensibility. Johns Island was just the ticket and, as great as I thought it was then, there are lots of new and exciting developments that people who are looking to buy or sell there may want to consider.

Charleston County’s parks have always been fantastic and they continue to be the jewels in her crown. Beachwalker Park is my favorite beach in the area and it just keeps getting better. The park was challenged by the town of Kiawah to address the parking issues arising from its popularity. The lot frequently filled up with sometimes over one hundred cars outside the gate waiting to get in. Thinking outside the box, the park service chose a queuing software frequently used for restaurants and people standing in line. A tablet computer allows the park employees to collect the driver’s phone number and automatically sends a text to confirm that car is now in the queue. They then receive a brochure for the nearby Freshfields Village where they can grab an ice cream, an extra book, or even some snacks for when they come back to the beach.

Freshfields Village

I was told it might be 20 minutes for a space to open up and was delighted to receive a text after just seven. They have even made it possible to add a bit of time in case the availability text comes just as your pizza order may have arrived. It’s safer for ingress and egress and, they don’t have all the idling cars pumping carbon into the environment.

The park system has also recently opened a new park on Johns Island near the Limehouse Bridge. It is the first public park with access to the Stono River with boardwalks, crabbing docks, picnic areas and walking trails with special bird watching stations. This park represents a collaboration with the City of Charleston and SC Department of Transportation to connect it to the City’s West Ashley Greenway that ends nearby. The Greenway is a popular biking and walking trail that connects straight through to Folly Road by way of an abandoned railway. I can almost hear the local property values rise.

Finally, I had my doubts while it was under construction, but the road widening on Maybank Highway from the bridge to where it intersects River Road has made life so much easier for Islanders. Living for months with the orange barrels and cones was frustrating and it seemed like an endless project. With the additional lane coming off the bridge finally completed, the evening commute has been trimmed significantly. And, with the addition of sidewalks and bike lanes, now everyone can travel safely and more quickly.

The newly improved access presents the perfect opportunity to check out the many new restaurants and retail options that have recently sprung up on our tree-lined island. Casual dining, coffee shops, and more upscale restaurants are opening all over, but primarily along Maybank Highway. If you have not been to Johns Island recently, you really should check us out!

7 Ways You Can Help Your Agent Sell Your Home

1. Turn on all the lights. I once arrived to show my listing to discover that the homeowners were not turning on the hallway lights at the entrance to their condo. It had been on the market a little too long, and some of the feedback said it felt dark. When I began to check the other areas of the condo, I discovered they were turning on most of the overhead lights but not the table lamps. In the bathroom, the vanity lights were on but not the one over the shower. After the showing I explained that every light should be on for future showings and they were happy to comply – it just had not occurred to them.

seller tips lights on in home

2. Accept every showing if at all possible. They are almost always at an inopportune time, but that’s a small speed bump on the way to your new home. Even waiting a day can change the mind of a buyer. Buyers who are looking on Thursday and Friday might abandon Friday altogether if they find something they like on Thursday.

3. Pets can be problematic for a number of reasons. Pet odor can be a major turn-off and honestly, we can all become accustomed to smells so as not to notice them. People without pets often notice more quickly when entering a home. Ask your agent if he or she notices pet odor and it will give them the opportunity to be frank without fear of offending you if you ask first. Make sure litter boxes are spotless and out of the way. Doggie daycare may be an everyday expense you don’t want, but during showings it can make a big difference if you can’t get home to remove the dog. It could make thousands of dollars of difference if the buyers can’t go into a space because the dog is being restrained there.

4. Many of my older clients in the Lowcountry like their window unit air conditioners. They are frugal by nature and often mistakenly believe that window units are cheaper to run by just cooling the bedroom at night and not the entire house. That may have been true at one time, but newer HVAC systems are typically much more efficient to run. When buyers see window units in a home with central air, they immediately assume the that the HVAC is not working properly. You can always put them back after the offer is accepted.

5. I always welcome the nosy neighbors with open arms to my open houses and sellers should as well. Your neighbors might sell your home through word of mouth. They often want their family and friends nearby. In fact, invite them in and ask them if they know anyone who might be looking.

6. I know it’s hard, but keep things tidy. You don’t have to live that way every day, but while the house is on the market the beds must be made, laundry put away, bathrooms kept pristine, and clutter gone. Once the house goes under contract, you can take a vacation from making the bed. A great way to de-clutter quickly and works great for folks with small children is to purchase some extra laundry baskets. A quick tour through the house tossing into the basket as you go is easy, and you can carry it to the car with you when you leave.

seller tips cleaning before showings

7. And speaking of which, it really does help if homeowners aren’t present during showings. Most buyers don’t want to hurt your feelings with their comments and will not give honest feedback in most cases. They don’t feel comfortable looking in closets or opening cabinets and they will not linger taking in everything. I had buyers in a home who would not even go into the room where the sellers were because they felt they were intruding. More importantly, you might say something that seems completely innocuous but could hurt your potential sale. You are more likely to overshare than not. Some sellers believe that they can sell the home features because they know it best. If that’s your thought, write a lengthy addendum to the seller’s disclosure and point out all your special features. There will be some rare exceptions to this rule and a good agent can help you make good choices about how to limit the exposure if it’s absolutely necessary.

seller tips leaving during showings

Call me to discuss the many ways I can help you sell your home – spoiler alert, there are more than 7 ways!

Charleston Area Market Stats through May (and other news)

Charleston Area Market Stats June 2020

“While the effects of COVID-19 in the broader economy continue, real estate activity is beginning to recover across much of the country. According to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates have been below 3.3 percent for more than four weeks and are hovering near all-time lows, spurring strong interest by buyers and lifting showing activity up 4% nationally versus a year ago in the final week of May.”
~ Charleston Trident Association of Realtors® (CTAR)

Market Statistics by Area:

Closed Sales -21.9% | Median Sales Price +1.2% |  Months Supply -32.6%

Featured Listings

2307 Atlantic Avenue Sullivans Island SC

2307 Atlantic Avenue, Sullivan’s Island
5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths | 5,081 sq ft | Offered at $8,500,000
Ocean View: A Sullivan’s Island Beach House
This prime front beach home, an intriguing marriage of Lowcountry elegance and British Colonial tradition, is one of the most beautiful on Sullivan’s Island. Custom designed by acclaimed architect Beau Clowney and constructed by master builders Daly & Sawyer, this residence is spacious, yet intimate, with ocean views from nearly every room. For more information, visit:

2307 atlantic avenue

2411 Atlantic Avenue Sullivans Island SC

2411 Atlantic Avenue, Sullivan’s Island
5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths | 4,600 sq ft | Offered at $7,500,000
This fabulous oceanfront home on Sullivan’s Island offers waterfront living at its finest. Designed and renovated by a dream team of talent, Dufford Young Architects, Sheppard Construction, and Wertimer + Cline Landscape Architects, the house centers on clean forms and classic elements. Living and dining spaces drink in the Atlantic Ocean views, opening out onto an oversized deck and covered porch. For more information, visit:

2411 atlantic avenue

Charleston Coast Vacations

charleston coast vacations

We’re so happy to have our beautiful sandy spaces back!! 🌊☀️🌴⁠
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