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Charleston City Council Approved 4,500 Residential Development

Last night, City Council members deliberated on the proposal of a 4,500 residential development in the Bees Ferry area of West Ashley. According to William Joy of WCSC, The Long Savannah Project was approved and will cover 3,000 acres, 1,200 of which will be used for homes and 400,000 square feet will be used for retail and office space. Long Savannah Project

The approval of this major residential project is great news for the people who live in West Ashley, myself being one of them. The community is really hoping this area is going to be revamped and this project should show everyone that West Ashley is on track to developing for people that are moving to the area.

Traffic studies done on this project show that the entire area will be gridlocked, along Bees Ferry and Glenn McConnell (didn’t the Bees Ferry construction just end?!), but this should be a small price to pay for the major development.The project was originally approved in 2007, but was foreclosed on. We should expect to see around 500 homes in the next two years and the entire project to be complete in the next 20.

August 2010 Folly Beach Real Estate Market Report

Below is a description of real estate activity on Folly Beach in August 2010.

Demand held steady as 11 properties sold in August, same as the month before, bringing the total sold in 2010 to 74. This is a great sign, as historically demand was over 100 homes per year and we are on pace for 111.

The average sales price in August was $340,000 with a low of $145,000 and a high of $620,000. These historically low prices, coupled with low interest rates are driving these sales. Many people are taking advantage in order to fulfill their lifelong dream of living at Folly Beach. There are properties still available in the lower price ranges, but they are going quickly. As they continue to sell, more buyers will be forced to look at higher list prices, a good sign for sellers.

Some of the properties sold were:

A Turn of River 3 bedroom condominium foreclosure for $195,000.

A West side 3rd row home for $405,000.

A 2nd row home past the washout with marsh and ocean views for $540,000.

If these prices sound good, contact me to begin your search today. I will keep you current with the market and help make the best decision on buying or selling a Folly Beach home.

Vince Perna

Dunes Properties of Charleston


What Makes Your Home Interesting?

I love home decorating books.  My own townhome does not reflect this interest, but I love peeking into other’s lives and seeing what they have done with their living space.  What colors have they chosen, furniture, art, tchotchkes, and the space itself.  Home is personal and it should be.

Here are two of the most interesting homes I’ve read about.

I just found out about the tiny Kyoto house.  It is featured in the Wall Street Journal.  The goal was to seamlessly integrate private and public space.  640 square feet house a couple and their two small sons.  Most amazing to me is that it has NO closets!   And the main area is only 6 1/2 ft. wide.  Passer bys stop and peer in at them through the window and they are usually fine with that but on occassions they wish for privacy, they can pull a giant curtain across the window.

Most interesting for me is the apartment that inspired the Cowboy Junkies’ song “Five Room Love Story”-Joseph Furey’s railroad apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  Grieving after the loss of his wife, between 1982-1988, Mr. Furey covered nailed or glued thousands of pieces of decoupage onto just about every surface.  Unfortunatley the apartment is deteriorating and the Brooklyn Museum of Art is salvaging what they can.

These two homes definitely wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they work(ed) for the owners.  That’s the whole point of home, to make it your own.

I love that the artwork on my walls is all created by friends.  I know I have one of a kind pieces and I know the stories attached to them.

What makes your home interesting to you?