Imagine my surprise when I turned on the television this weekend for some relaxing viewing and saw my neighborhood in a movie with Albert Finney! It was “Rich in Love” which was filmed in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

I always hear stories from my friends of their famous run ins in town- Reese Witherspoon, Jude Law, Ashley Judd, Mel Gibson, Amanda Siefried, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Meatloaf, Will Smith, and tons more.  It got me doing some curious research to see what movies have been filmed at least partially here. Most of you may realize that the Lifetime series “Army Wives” is filmed around town but the list of movies is impressive!

  • “Dear John”  with Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum
  • That other Nicholas Sparks 5 tissue box movie “The Notebook”
  • “The Patriot”
  • “Cold Mountain”
  • That fun 80’s Justine Bateman/Julia Roberts/Liam Neeson flick “Satisfaction”
  • “The Legend of Bagger Vance”
  • “The Prince of Tides”
  • “The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys”
  • “North and South”
  • “Scarlett”
  • “Paradise”

And there is so much more! All of these films highlight the beauty of the area and I’m sure that’s partially why they were selected for filming locations.