This weekend the low expected on Saturday is 70 degrees! Wow!  Granted we still have beautiful beach worthy temperatures in Charleston up through November, but that “aaahh it’s summertime” feeling is coming to an end.  The summer is our busy time and everyone at Dunes Properties,  from our agents to our vacation rental staff, worked so hard that our president, Randy Walker, treated us to a surprise full moon harbor cruise last night aboard the Schooner Pride.

We saw rain off in the distance (the views are so amazing here you can often see rain pouring from clouds far away that never makes it to where you’re at), and heard some thunder but amazingly we were spared and eventually the full moon made it out from the clouds.

It can be so easy to take the every day beauty in your life for granted, but I don’t think any of us take Charleston, the sea, the beach, or life here for granted. We wake up every morning knowing that we live in one of the best cities.  That feeling just gets a bit of reinforcement  on nights like last night.

Pelicans circling and floating in the water, gulls cruising along, water lapping at the side of the boat- the Ravenel Bridge off in the distance.  Just spectacular scenery and it’s around us every day.