Okay, I am not going to name any names and there’s nothing really scandalous here to report. But I have witnessed some things in our MLS  that honestly astound me.

Being a real estate office administrator, I have unfettered access to our MLS. Every day I see something in a random MLS listing that I just can’t believe the listing agent or seller just let slide. My latest “Are you for real?” moment was seeing upside down or sideways pictures. Now, to avoid calling out specific agents/properties,  I am using a random picture of mine as an example of what I mean –

Now, imagine you are browsing for homes to purchase and came across a picture gone cattywampus like to the right. Would you get irritated and flip to the next picture or would you crane your neck to take a good look?  Flipping a picture 180 degrees  and/or resizing it are pretty quick and easy. Leaving the photo sideways like this illustrates to me an agent didn’t take their time. If  your listing agent isn’t going to take one minute to make sure your pictures are at their best to sell your home, well, isn’t that cause for a pause?

So my tip for sellers today is ask your agent to send you a copy of the customer MLS report so you can see the photos and the public remarks section where the agent has described the home. If there is a special detail that the photos don’t grasp that makes your place spectacular, like  amazing sunrise views over the marsh from the master bedroom window, share it with your agent and ask them to write that information in the remarks.  And by all means, if you see they’ve added sideways and upside down pictures, insist they correct them.