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How Does Your Listing Agent Answer Questions?

Carolina Blvd. on Isle of Palms

Carolina Blvd. on Isle of Palms

As a seller, you should have a good relationship with your listing agent. They should answer your questions in a timely manner, keep you updated on listing activity and feedback and what they are doing to sell your listing.

However, have you thought about how your listing agent answers questions from other agents representing potential buyers? Do they have the answers or try to find the answers or do they direct that agent to call someone else?

Working as part of the Dunes Properties real estate support team, I can’t begin to fathom how many times I have called for a rental history, elevation certificate, termite bond transfer information, HOA information and other items that a good listing agent will ask about to have on file, and I have been told by the listing agent who I can call to get those items. I certainly will call those other parties because everyone at Dunes is  working to help our buyers, but I can’t help but feel a little bit of disappointment and question “Does their seller know they pawn off potential buyer’s questions? Why don’t want as much information as they can get for their listing file to have on hand when the inevitable questions come in?”

So when you list your property with an agent you have chosen, don’t get annoyed when they start asking questions that may send you rifling through files in search of flood and homeowners insurance policies, or HOA fees and contacts, or recent utility bills. Instead, if they do not ask you those kinds of questions, ask them why they aren’t.


On the Charleston Coast

If you are on the Charleston Coast, all kinds of beautiful!

The best views around

The Charleston Coast has some of the best porches, patios and decks around. Why? Because of the extraordinary views of course. The ocean, the marsh, lagoon, pool, and palmettos.


Charleston Real Estate Market Mid-Year Update

Dr. Lawrence Yun, chief economist and senior vice president of research for the National Association of Realtors, delivered the keynote address and discussed the Charleston real estate market last Wednesday for area members of Charleston Trident Association of Realtors.  He had lots of good things to say about the Charleston market in general. Read the whole story and watch the videos HERE.

Now what does all this mean to you as a homeowner, Buyer, or Seller? Be sure to talk to your agent, they are there for you whenever you have a question about home ownership and the market in general,  not just if you are interested in buying or selling right now.  You can speak pressure and commitment free to a dunes properties agent any time by calling 800.476.8444 or stopping by one of our four offices at 214 King St. downtown, 31 Center St. on Folly, 1400 Palm Blvd. on the Isle of Palms, or at Bohicket Marina near Seabrook/Kiawah Islands.


Barbara Corcoran Recommends Charleston as the Southern Town to Buy Real Estate In

Barbara gives real estate advice on the Today Show.  On December 13’s show a viewer from Pittsburgh,PA asked her advice on a southwest or southern town to relocate to.  Austin TX was the recommended southwestern town and Charleston, SC was her recommended southern city.  She discusses why Charleston is a great place to move right now at about 2 minutes and 33 seconds into the video.


Charleston is great if you like polite, genteel southern charm, beautiful beaches and tremendous golf.  Prices are going up 8% this year she says.

If you are curious about retiring or relocating, give a thought to Charleston.  Call for a pressure-free discussion  with one of our professional agents.  They’ll be happy to answer your questions and see if Charleston is a possibility for you.


Just How Low is Low? Have You Seen Your Rate Today?


Image by notanalternative via Flickr

Mortgage loan interest rates are one of the key drivers in the real estate industry. In today’s economy, Freddie Mac is reporting 30-year fixed rates at historic lows over the last few weeks (or is that months?).      

What does this mean to you?


1.) If you’re thinking about selling, now is a great time because buyers will be able to afford more home at a lower monthly payment.

2.) If you want to sell and move up, a low interest rate will help you get more home for the monthly payment you pay. 

3.) You might want to refinance your existing mortgage loan.     



Some Things You Should Know About Real Estate

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Some Energy Savings Tips

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Curb Appeal Advice

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Home Buying and Baskin-Robbins

I remember my first visit to a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream store when I was a child. There were more flavors than I had ever seen before all at a price my parents were willing to pay! How could I decide which was best? I was used to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but now there was mango, peach, caramel and cream, and about 27 other flavors to choose from. What was I to do?

Today’s real estate market is kind of like that. There are so many homes and neighborhoods available at great prices. How can a person decide on what to choose? If you are in the market for a new home, how can you avoid being mesmerized by the 33 flavors of homes available to you? Before you start looking, know what you need! Answer some questions before you go. The first answer you need is to the question of what you can afford. Here are a few others to consider:

  • How big of a home do we need?
    • Will three bedrooms and two bathrooms work? Or do we need more?
    • How many square feet of air-conditioned space do we need?
  • What size lot do we need?
    • Do we want a large lot?
    • Are we interested in a small lot?
    • How much yard work am I willing to do?
  • Are we interested in a townhome or condominium?
  • What schools are nearby?

Once you’ve established your needs and balanced them with your wants, your Realtor® can focus the search on that target. Your Realtor® will preview a selected group of homes before spending your time in actually visiting everything in the mix. You should be able to find your home within 5 to 10 homes that you visit.

Remember Baskin – Robbins? I got sick sampling as many flavors as I could and never bought one scoop. Avoid the stomach-ache in your search by knowing what you want before you go to market.