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Category: Flora & Fauna

Ready for a Mental Vacation? Or Maybe a Real Vacation?

It’s just so beautiful here right now, don’t you want to come visit Charleston? Or if you’re in town already, visit downtown or the beaches and enjoy all the beauty this town has.  I need to remember to do that more often myself.  There is an abundance of beauty everywhere to be found here.  If you decide to take it a step further and take an actual vacation to Charleston, give us a call at 888.843.2322 or visit us online and we’ll help you plan your Charleston vacation at Folly Beach, Isle of Palms or Wild Dunes. 

A Lowcountry Photo Safari

Here’s some beautiful nature shots taken by my friend Erin Southerlin who just seems to enjoy “happy accidents” with her camera.  Take a mini Lowcountry safari vacation.  Look carefully at the shot of the bridge- there’s a dolphin crashing the picture.

Dog Days of…Spring!

We’ve reached the 70’s! I have packed away the sweaters and I am ready for spring, how about you?

MY favorite thing about the beginning of spring is it’s time to frolic with the dogs!  There’s no better excuse to get some fun and some exercise than taking a walk with your four legged friend near or on the beach.* The sun is shining down, the water has a chill but it’s fine for wading in bare feet. Everyone is cheerful because they know winter is near its end, the daffodils are already in bloom as are camelias.  Windows are open for some fresh air. Charleston is new again!

But back to the dogs. I’ve just got two cats right now and any cat owner can attest they just are not the type of animals you can put a leash on and hit the outdoors for some air and exercise.  However,  I am a lucky aunt to many a friends’ dogs and I take every opportunity I can to whisk them away for warm weather adventures.  There is a lowkey little “Bark Park” on the Isle of Palms. It’s not much more than some patches of dirt and grass in a large fenced in enclosure with a separate run for smaller dogs but everyone there is always friendly and the dogs do what they do- just play.  It’s on 29th Ave. behind the Rec Center.  That’s closest to my house so it’s my favorite. But there are dog parks all over the area.  I will say if you are ever new in town anywhere, a dog park is an instant ice breaker. There’s always a conversation starter when you’re surrounded by playing dogs.

The IOP park is closest to where I live, but there are several area dog parks.  James Island County Park (there is a lake area for the dogs), Wannamaker County Park in North Charleston, and Palmetto Islands Park in Mt. Pleasant each have dog friendly areas.  I’ve never lived in such a pet friendly city before!

Nothing beats the beach though. I have never seen a happier dog than a dog that gets a few miles out and smells the salt water and suddenly is aware of where he/she’s going. THAT is a happy dog.

*Every beach has its own policy about dogs- there are leash laws, hours of dog friendliness, necessary dog licenses, etc. and only a few of our rental properties are pet friendly so check before your bring your dog.

Full Moon Madness

This weekend the low expected on Saturday is 70 degrees! Wow!  Granted we still have beautiful beach worthy temperatures in Charleston up through November, but that “aaahh it’s summertime” feeling is coming to an end.  The summer is our busy time and everyone at Dunes Properties,  from our agents to our vacation rental staff, worked so hard that our president, Randy Walker, treated us to a surprise full moon harbor cruise last night aboard the Schooner Pride.

We saw rain off in the distance (the views are so amazing here you can often see rain pouring from clouds far away that never makes it to where you’re at), and heard some thunder but amazingly we were spared and eventually the full moon made it out from the clouds.

It can be so easy to take the every day beauty in your life for granted, but I don’t think any of us take Charleston, the sea, the beach, or life here for granted. We wake up every morning knowing that we live in one of the best cities.  That feeling just gets a bit of reinforcement  on nights like last night.

Pelicans circling and floating in the water, gulls cruising along, water lapping at the side of the boat- the Ravenel Bridge off in the distance.  Just spectacular scenery and it’s around us every day.

Appreciating Charleston

Just one of the many relaxing places in Mt. Pleasant

Facebook and Twitter offer insights into what’s important to people RIGHT NOW! After reading a number of posts on both, I started to see a pattern that I hadn’t expected: Lots of us are expressing appreciation for what we have around Charleston, SC.

Many posts are about good meals at various local restaurants. There have been a few about the weather and some about what’s the economy doing. Others talk about various activities that people are enjoying and a number that express appreciation for friends, or share family moments and dishwashers that don’t work…lots of people offered suggestions on what to do about that one!

One post talked about driving to the Ravenel Bridge to walk across the bridge (a favorite pastime of many), but the rain there caused her to have to find sunshine on a walk on the beach instead. I thought that one was particularly interesting since it helped me to appreciate that there are options for something as simple as a daily walk!

My wife and I were driving back from a trip to Hilton Head on Sunday. As we were driving on 17S, we both commented on natural beauty that surrounds us. We decided to move here to for business reasons, but fell in love with the area because of what it offers, the people, the food and the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday. When I read posts that show the appreciation that others have for what surrounds us it makes me smile. People from other areas want to be here. They buy second homes, or take vacations here because of what we get to enjoy everyday.

I have come to appreciate what we have and look forward to enjoying it for a very long time. I hope you do to!


Kids Fish for Free at the Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Free Take a Kid Fishing Day & Tournament

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

presented by the Folly Beach Anglers

Saturday June 5th from 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM

All kids 16 and under can fish for free with no pre-enrollment needed.  The Folly Beach anglers will be on hand to instruct and coach and even help bait a hook.  They will also have equipment available for those who do not have a rod and reel.

There will be prizes awarded for biggest fish in the following categories:  11 & under boy and girl, 12-16 boy and girl, and Grand Champion $50 for the biggest fish of the day.  There will also be door prizes given away by a drawing at the end of the tournament.

For information, contact

Vince Perna

Dunes Properties


Downtown Market Renovations

Renovations are complete on the open air portion of the famed City Market in downtown Charleston which was last renovated in the 1970’s.

Renovations started in January to the three buildings that make up the market. The days of being shoulder to shoulder smashed into narrow walkways look like they are over. My personal favorite renovation is the creation of a fairly wide aisle to accomodate shopper traffic more comfortably. Roofs were repaired/replaced, new restrooms installed, ceiling fans added, windscreens and also security cameras. According to a partner in the private management group, the project was completed in time and under budget.

The enclosed Market Hall section should see renovations happening in October.

The City Market- another reason to come visit downtown Charleston. There are many deals to be found- jewelry, Charleston tchotchkes, handmade crafts, Charleston photographs, candies and nuts, clothing, sweetgrass baskets and so many other items.

Facts about the Charleston City Market

  1. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney ceded the land on which the Market is built to the City of Charleston in 1788. He stipulated that a public market be built on the site and that it remain in use as a public market into perpetuity
  2. The outdoor market buildings were built between 1804-1830’s
  3. These market buildings originally housed meat, vegetable and fish markets and rented for $1.00 or $2.00 per day
  4. The Market Hall buildings were built in 1841
  5. The City Market, one of the oldest in the country, is significant enough to be part of a permanent exhibit entitled “Life in Coastal South Carolina c. 1840” at the American History Museum of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC

And when you visit the Market, just go up a block or two and visit our Real Estate Studio at 214 King St.

Famous Author Pat Conroy on Charleston

Here’s a great video with Pan Conroy and his view of Charleston,SC that was just featured on
USA Today’s website.
Click here for the great video

Cleaning Up Palm Blvd.

Four times a year Dunes Properties participates in the Adopt a Highway program.  Agents, employees and their families volunteer on a Saturday morning and we slowly meander down Palm Boulevard in our snazzy orange safety vest with large orange garbage bags.

Over the years we’ve discovered some odd things (many should not be mentioned in polite company)- and we’ve encountered local wildlife. I’ve caught a glimpses of a fox, seen many rabbits hopping in and out of the marsh, colorful golden silk spiders in webs between the trees, narrowly avoided fire ant hills and this weekend I saw my first blueberry tree!  Growing wild right there along one of the docks and along the roadside.

Dunes Properties has cleaned up several hundred pounds of litter over the years and we take pride in helping our island neighbors.  We love the Isle of Palms and want to make sure she’ll be in fine condition for the next generation to come and is picture perfect for her visitors.

The Folly Beach Washout

If you’ve been down to the Washout lately at Folly Beach, you’ve noticed a distinctive but subtle change in its appearance. This unique section of Folly Beach is appropriately named as this is all that remained following a visit from Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The road along this section of the island, as well as many of the homes, was completely washed away by the storm. As a result, this area is widely considered to be the Lowcountry’s best surfing spot. Now, through the efforts of the Folly Association of Business’s “Beautification Committee” a new lush tropical feel is slowly and naturally blending in. Two of the five beach walkovers have already been newly landscaped, and plans are in place to complete the remaining three walkovers in the coming months. The Beautification Committee is wrapping up their second year with this latest project. Each walkover will ultimately be landscaped with a variety of local foliage species that are able to tolerate and flourish in the very harsh environment that a completely exposed beach offers. The committee has done a fantastic job of designing a layout and planting each walkover using a variety of curved sabal palmetto palms, pindo palms, calypso oleander, wild grasses and lantana. New showers and a stepping stone walkway have also been added to the walkover called the “observation deck” where all of the local surf competitions are hosted throughout the year.

The Beautification Committee has previously been successful in completing other projects around Folly Beach such as the installation of new street signs throughout the entire island, the installation of lighthouse cigarette butt dispensers in various public areas, and also the placement, planting and upkeep of multiple planter boxes throughout much of the commercial district.

But getting back to the Washout, the project has been positively met with praise and excitement for its completion from local residents and visitors alike. Plans have already been submitted for the 3rd walkover and it should be completed soon! One of the 2009 goals is to finalize and implement plans for a changing station with bathroom facilities at the Washout as well. Folly Beach has a laid back “Bohemian” type style and atmosphere reminding many visitors of Key West, only with beautiful beaches that stretch the entire 6-1/2 miles of the island. “Slow Down….Relax It’s Folly” is not just the island’s slogan but it is the way of life for the locals and thousands of visitors that visit the island yearly.
So next time you’re checking out the surf at the Washout or wandering up and down Center Street be sure to take notice of these new beautiful additions to our island and always remember to “Slow Down…..Relax It’s Folly”